Monday, April 27, 2009

Save Kreedz! And ofc the normal cs too ;)

First welcome everyone to my blog!

I really thought I could open this blog with a different topic, but our all favorite game developer Valve decided to give the cs 1.6 community one more update to fix the "Russian walk" bug. Well it s still a beta but if this update would go live like it is now it would not only ruin the kreedz communities but all serious cs players. So I want to give a short overview of the changes in the update.

This time they tried to fix the bug by changing the gameplay not only for the bug they want to fix but for the whole duck behavior in the game what in my opinion is total unnecessary, because there was no one complaining about the duck before that update. Only because they are not able to fix something without changing a huge part of the game doesn’t mean that we, the players, have to accept it! But as the past shows us the cs community doesn’t really have a big influence on the updates anyway and that is what s characterizing a bad developer.

So what does this update change exactly?

1. The normal duck (why would anyone need that???)

While the duck speed is unchanged they changed how you accelerate after releasing the duck key: now you need 0.87sec instead of 0.32sec to gain full speed again.

2. The double duck (ok kinda expected)

While you didn’t lose much speed before the beta, it looks completely different now.

3. The duck-jump bug (wtf how could that happen???)

The normal jump slowdown is unchanged but the strange thing is if you duck during the jump the slowdown gets less. You can also improve this to no slowdown at all. This is a huge bug for normal cs and i can t think of anyone who could want this game mechanic. This bug will ruin the normal cs gameplay as well!

So to sum it all up: Instead of working together with people who already fixed the bug with no side effects they try to fix it themselves and fail miserably. They don t just change the whole gameplay what no one asked them to do, no they also add a new much worse bug with it ... good job Valve!

So what does it mean for xj and all other kreedz communities?

Well there won’t be any other way than resetting all wr demos there are and deleting a lot of maps which did cost the creators thousands of hours to make. Most people won’t see why they should invest so much time in a game that could change completely anytime with an update making their hard work useless and will leave. This will change the face of the community for ever.

So stand up and show the developers what they did wrong! I really hope they'd listen this time and will over think their decisions. I don't think they knew what a large impact that changes would have and just tried to help getting rid of that bug.


Numb said...

Do you wanna take a look on how valve made unduck function in the past (before sound/slowdown updates)? It's extremely funny:

// This is a glorious hack to find free space when you've crouched into some solid space
// Our crouching collisions do not work correctly for some reason and this is easier
// than fixing the problem :(
void FixPlayerCrouchStuck( edict_t *pPlayer )
TraceResult trace;

// Move up as many as 18 pixels if the player is stuck.
for ( int i = 0; i < 18; i++ )
UTIL_TraceHull( pPlayer->v.origin, pPlayer->v.origin, dont_ignore_monsters, head_hull, pPlayer, &trace );
if ( trace.fStartSolid )
pPlayer->v.origin.z ++;
They could use 18 units higher scan in the first place and check in what origin it hits something... But no, it uses 18 times more CPU than it should. <3 :D

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