Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another day, another fail!

So Valve decided to make a new beta-version in which they changed some things again. The duck-jump bug is fixed and the normal duck should work like it always did. So there are good things in it too!

But Valve wouldn t be Valve if they wouldn t mess it all up again ;)

They tried to add this:

* movement penalty now happens after 2 or more successive incomplete duck movements, not the first.

And failed again ...

The slowdown after incomplete duck movements is just random now. You can even get it in your first one or if you wait like 10sec and do another one it still slows you down. But they managed to add something else:

They changed the way stepsounds are calculated as you can see in those demos numb recorded: compare engines

So what they re doing now is calculating the next stepsound of players who are not moving and so will never actually make a sound ... genius! But it gets even worse. Now you can bhop without making sounds at all, if you manage to jump between those stepsounds, as you can see in this video: silent bhopping

Will Valve ever manage to fix the russian-walk bug without adding new bugs? I guess we ll have to wait for a few more updates before we can actually see what cs will look like after the final update. Until then we can still hope that it won t affect the kreedz community too much.

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