Saturday, October 23, 2010

OpenDemo alpha version released!

Finally everything is working well enough to release a first version of my current project OpenDemo. This is an early alpha version so you can get a first look how things are done without any documentation yet.

I'm developing OpenDemo, to make the access of data in Counterstrike demos as easy as possible for coders.

The OpenDemo source files "OpenDemo.cpp", "OpenDemo.h" and the LoadingStream files "LoadingStream.cpp", "LoadingStream.h" should compile with any c++ compiler. If they don't compile in your compiler contact me immediately!

The other files are for demonstrating how to use OpenDemo in a vc++ project. Especially "ODExample.cpp" shows how to initialise, load and access a demo.

You can always get the latest source code packed together in a rar file with the link in the "My Projects" category.


Lazze said...

I love your work, and this will help many people for sure.
But I'm having a problem. Since I mostly code PHP and stuff like that, I'm not too familiar with c++, and I've been trying to understand the basics of getting all this information from a demo file.
I can't figure out how to gather this information, and since I don't code c++, I can't understand much of it.
Is there any chance you could explain the basics of it? Just so I know where to start.

kielor (I RUSSIA!) said...

@Lazze: The best way for you is to study C++ basics, would really help. Believe me, there's not much to learn if you already know any programming language.

Mynuts said...

Some reason compiling wont work for me, using cygwin compiler.

eDark said...

I ll try to compile with cygwin as soon as possible. But remember that only the OpenDemo source files are portable. The example files are coded for vc++.
Also this is only an early test version don t get too invested in trying to understand it, a lot of things have already changed.
I think the next update will be released this weekend.
I also made a dev archive where i upload the latest code everyday i changed something. But be careful with that. For example atm i m changing a lot and so it s not reading any macros and you can t get any data from demos.

Mynuts said...

okok, Im not really into c++ that much so I mostly dosnt understand everything :P I get some errors too in dev c++ compiler aswell... :/

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