Sunday, July 19, 2009

Small update ...

Well the last weeks were full of interesting and new things i learned, while working on kcac, and i can t really talk about them ... except that the next kcac version will be on a whole new level and in no way comparable with the old one. We are a team of experts now with gangien helping me out on the coding side and emti designing the artworks. Here is a preview screen of the current version:

I had to cut out the interface development completely for now because it would have taken too long. So we re working with winapi now to get the prog ready to use as fast as possible.

On the positive side you ll be able to record demos on servers once we released it.

Also there was an interesting story: While i was working on getting some data out of steam.exe we need for kcac i ran into my password saved in plain text in the memory ...

After investigating this a bit more i came to the conclusion that everyone with basic knowledge about reading other processes memory can read my steam password if he wants to. I talked about this with Soulfather and he sent a mail directly to his contact at Valve. Let s hope they ll take the appropriate actions.

Now about the fast demo-checker: The code is finished and i started with adding maps but since my focus is on kcac and i have to learn a lot for university atm i ll pause the map adding for some time. You can get an updated test version here. Ofc the interface will get a redo for the release. Once this is done it ll get the correct record time on all maps from the record list. So this will become the #1 tool for public demo checking.


Lt.RAT said...

>>Now about the fast demo-checker
How intresing, loaded random demo, and program freezed at 0% -> closed window, but program still in memory :)
Also pack 30720 bytes progarm with upx :D
So many memcpy... but its much better than in darkbasic.

>>While i was working on getting some data out of steam.exe we need for kcac i ran into my password saved in plain text in the memory

Yeah, bad :( but its much better than in software for administraiting "alcatel/MainStreet" that used in city power managment... in that program password not only in plain text in the memory (all logins in text file :D passwords saves automatically without requests etc)... Ppl with thery low knowledge could hack it in seconds (using art-money :D)... and such poor sowtware costs several thousands dollars, amazing.

eDark said...

mhm did you use the version from this news?
this one shouldn t freeze but i can t guaranty it wont yet :D

also what os are you using?

about memcpy it s used for getting data out of the stream buffer into ints or floats because the end of the buffer could cut off in the middle of a variable
but reading vars out of a buffer is far more efficient than starting a new reading call for every var ;)

also could you hack it a bit more pls? just ... "So many memcpy..." isn t really much :D

we still got no answer about those passwords in steam.exe until today